In Dar es Salaam, amidst its vibrant energy, our team embarked on a retreat graciously hosted by Q Sourcing Tanzania. It was a journey that involved intense learning, colourful festivities, and spirited camaraderie, leaving us with cherished memories and a strengthened bond.

The retreat kicked off with intense yet relevant sessions, where discussions flowed and insights were shared. Aloha Night added a touch of tropical flair, with team members donning flower shirts symbolizing our collective spirit of unity and celebration.


As the retreat progressed, team-building activities soared, echoing the majestic flight of eagles.
The Eagles team’s predictive win served as a testament to the energy and synergy pulsating within our group.


The climax awaited us in Masaki; rounds of beer served. For every round of beer, I asked for a soda; wisdom told me it’s time to return to the giraffe hotel on my fifth soda 🤣. Those who lingered until the wee hours were treated to a grand closing ceremony, I am told!!! a fitting conclusion to our Tanzanian adventure.


However, as the sun rose, reality beckoned. With a flight to catch and work obligations awaiting us in Kampala, we bid farewell to the warmth of Dar es Salaam. The stark contrast of 24 hours, from the lively streets of Masaki to the quiet suburbs of Kampala, highlighted the fleeting nature of time.

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