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The highlight at the assessment and skilling center this month has been the introduction of short courses. The team is really excited to share some new training alternatives (short courses in Uganda) we’ve been pulling together to accommodate the busy professionals and those who need assessment and certification quickly; either because they are traveling for work abroad or simply pursuing a great job in a reputable company.

We have decided to kick start this new shift with the most popular programs especially in the energy, manufacturing, oil and gas industries and will soon roll out courses in the arts as well so accountants, HR practitioners and even administrators or customer care advisers must not feel left out.


TASC is launching the first courses in occupational health and safety as well as in Welding. These courses are very affordable (AS LOW AS UGX: 120,000) and all of them are delivered with internationally recognized certification. The goal is to create additional, flexible training, assessment and certification programs to help you not just get your credits, but to become a better professional practitioner and leader in your field of expertise!

Thanks, as always, for your support.

CLICK HERE to check out the short courses in occupational health & safety courses
CLICK HERE to check out the short courses in welding

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