With Uganda’s trusted partner for welding, plumbing, and electrical installation & maintenance assessments and certifications.

The Training, Assessment and Skilling Center (TASC) is a leader in the field of vocational skill assessments and certifications. Over the years, we have proudly guided countless professionals, validating their capabilities in welding, plumbing, and electrical installation & maintenance. We are renowned for our rigorous assessment methods and our unwavering commitment to the highest industry standards.


Our welding certification process includes practical tests designed by industry experts to meet national and international standards.

We certify professionals based on their ability to produce high-quality welds under various conditions and their understanding of safety protocols.


We offer comprehensive plumbing assessments, evaluating the ability to install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems.

Our certified professionals adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring the health and safety of public and private water supplies.

Electrical Installation & Maintenance

Our electrical assessments focus on testing professionals’ ability to install, troubleshoot, and maintain electrical systems safely and efficiently.

We ensure that our certified individuals comply with all necessary regulations and industry best practices.

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