A certified electrician is a highly qualified expert with extensive training in a wide range of electrical systems, installations, and repairs. Their knowledge is based on the most up-to-date electrical technology, intense study, and relevant practical experience, which have all been verified by local licensing authorities in order to receive certification.

This is the caliber of electrician that every home, office, factory needs to ensure that safe work is done. This the caliber of electrician that we aim to put on the market at the end of the PAWAKAPO electricians’ training program.

On Friday, 23rd April 2021, we got together with delegates from ERA to witness Dr. Mary Goretti Kitutu, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development as she launched the PAWAKAPO training program.


By the end of this program, 1000 Unlicensed Wiremen will be internationally certified in International EHS standards under ECITB and acquire domestic and commercial installation work permits under the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). We are proud to have been chosen as the implementation partners on this project and we are looking forward to putting world-class electricians on the market.

During her speech, Dr. Mary Kitutu stressed that electricians ought to take full responsibility for their work; including all the good through the transformation and development as well as the negatives which may involve accidents and improper installations as a result of negligence or incompetence. She added that the only way one could guarantee consistency and quality was through training and certification and commended the enrolled trainees for taking this critical step.

The Assessment And Skilling Center is committed to helping ambitious artisans and tradesmen to upgrade their skills and match the requirements of the local and global markets with exceptional standards.