Find quick answers to your questions about TASC

What is The Assessment and Skilling Centre (TASC)?

TASC is a dedicated Centre that offers a range of assessments and skill development programs to help individuals enhance their professional and personal capabilities. TASC is internationally accredited to provide training, assessment and certification services in the East African Region.

What services does The Assessment and Skilling Centre provide?

The Assessment and Skilling Centre offers a range of services including skills assessments, training programs, and certifications in; Health and Safety, Welding, Electrical Installation & Maintenance, ISO Professional courses, short courses i.e, communication, Leadership, Conflict resolution. We aim to enhance individuals’ skill sets and help them achieve their professional goals.

How can I enroll in a skilling program at The Assessment and Skilling Centre?

Navigate to the “Courses” section of this website menu. Choose the desired program, fill out the enrolment form, our team will receive the request with your contact information and reach out for further guidance. contact our administrative office OR You can visit our administrative office located on Plot 15, Martyrs Way, Ntinda.

What types of assessments are offered at TASC?

TASC provides assessment and certification in; welding, scaffolding, electrical installation and maintenance.

How can I enroll for a sponsored program?

The Assessment and Skilling Centre provides information on available sponsored trainings which are advertised on our official accounts and in the media. These are also displayed on the website under the ‘Notices’ section.

How are the training programs structured?

Our training programs are designed to be flexible and cater to various learning styles. They may include a combination of online courses, practical sessions, and assessments. The specific structure depends on the course you choose.

Are the certifications provided by The Assessment and Skilling Centre recognized internationally?

Yes, our certifications are designed to meet international standards and are recognized within the industry. We collaborate with reputable accreditation bodies such as Highfield, ECITB, American Welding Society and PECB to ensure the quality and credibility of our certifications.

How can employers verify the certifications obtained from The Assessment and Skilling Centre?

We also provide certificates with the company seal for authentication purposes.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

If you do not pass an assessment, you may have the opportunity to retake the exam or take remedial training at your cost. Specific details will be outlined in the assessment guidelines provided to you.

How can I contact The Assessment and Skilling Centre for further assistance?

We are available via email:, phone: +256 741543906, or live chat to address any inquiries.