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3 Ways to promote a positive safety culture at work

There is a general laid back attitude towards developing and upholding a strict safety culture across industries in Uganda. In construction, manufacturing, transport for example, as a result of pressure from managers and supervisors, many workers; including those in...

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ALERT: Short International Courses are here

The highlight at the assessment and skilling center this month has been the introduction of short courses. The team is really excited to share some new training alternatives (short courses in Uganda) we’ve been pulling together to accommodate the busy professionals...

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3 quick boat cruise safety tips

Tragic events like the Lake Victoria boat accident on Saturday 24th November 2018 which claimed over 30 lives can be avoided in future by applying a few basic principles of safety on water; let’s take a look at 3 key quick ones;

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The E4D/SOGA YEEP program perfectly on track

Since 2016, TASC has been working with GIZ under the E4D/SOGA program to up-skill 220 candidates at an international level. The Youth Employment Enhancement Project (YEEP) is a 17 months’ project whose goal is to attain improved employability of craftsmen and women in...

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