Skills For Oil & Gas

OPITO is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry. More than 250,000 people are trained to OPITO standards every year, across 45 countries through accredited training centres. TASC has the capacity to train & assess your compatibility with OPITO standards
  • firfighter refresher course

    T‐FOET certified by OPITO

    This training programme is perfect for any persons wanting to refresh their T‐BOSIET OPITO covering first aid, fire fighting, survival at sea and helicopter evacuation techniques.

  • helicopter evacuation training

    HUET certified by OPITO

    Perfect course for any persons wishing to access an offshore site and required to use a helicopter as a means of transport. You will learn helicopter evacuation techniques with crash simulation.

  • Fire fighting in East Africa

    FOET certified by OPITO

    Eciting 1 day course on fire fighting, survival at sea and helicopter evacuation techniques, handling of fire extinguishers, practical water exercise, HUET exercises with EBS and transit suit.

  • fire fighter

    BOSIET certified by OPITO

    A guarantee of rigor and quality! International oil companies require that safety training for their employees is compliant with international OPITO standards in order to access their offshore installations.