Q-Sourcing Servtec (QSS) Group is proud to announce the acquisition of FLIP Africa Ltd (FLIP), a transformative jobtech platform that significantly enhances the group’s capabilities in digital HR and manpower solutions across Africa. This strategic acquisition aligns with QSS’s mission to digitize and expand their service offerings amid the evolving landscape of remote work and the “Internet of Things.”

Innovative 360-Degree Integration Plan

Following the acquisition, Q-Sourcing Servtec will initiate a 360-degree integration of its services with FLIP Africa and The Assessment and Skilling Center (TASC), the group’s training arm. This integration will create a unified platform that streamlines recruitment processes and offers expansive training and certification opportunities, revolutionizing how companies hire, pay, and develop talent across the continent.

Enhanced Capabilities and Reach

The combined capabilities of QSS, FLIP Africa, and TASC will feature a Pan-African Talent Database with over 100,000 rated professionals across more than 15 industries. This platform will not only streamline the recruitment process with features like AI-assisted profile creation and real-time contract management but will also expand TASC’s internationally certified training programs to a broader audience online.

QSS Group CEO, Patrick K. Mbonye, emphasized, “The integration of these platforms transforms our ability to meet the dynamic needs of the African job market. We are creating a comprehensive ecosystem that supports every phase of employment – from recruitment to training and certification, and even financial inclusion for gig workers.”

FLIP’s Co-Founder and Head of Business, Neha Pandya, shared, “FLIP was founded with the ambitious vision to create dignity, accountability and upward mobility for workers in the multi-billion dollar African gig economy.” Given QSS’s extensive manpower and recruitment operations across Africa, this acquisition positions FLIP to meaningfully achieve the level of scale that was envisioned.”

Commitment to Seamless Transition

QSS is committed to a seamless integration process for FLIP Africa and all stakeholders, ensuring uninterrupted service during this transition.