For every organization, establishing a communication culture is an ever-reaching goal. While some are still solving the puzzle that is, building and managing communication cultures, it has been proven that organizations with positive communication cultures have a big competitive advantage and are more efficient in building business resilience and continuity.

Q-Sourcing Servtec Group has an annual retreat that brings together the management comprised of the Group; Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan and TASC (The Assessment and Skilling Center) entities. The team participated in a 3 day retreat in Kampala-Uganda under the theme: “Communication and Culture”.

Speaking at the retreat, Patrick K Mbonye – QSS Group CEO emphasized the need to rethink the group’s internal communication strategies, the impact of negative communication in escalating crisis’s and the role employee communication plays in building a positive workplace culture and in the long run driving business success.

QSS Group C.E.O, Patrick K.Mbonye

The retreat focused on unlocking the greatness in the staff and the organization and also highlighted the key areas that communication has a direct impact on; these include, employee experience, employee retention, employee engagement/productivity, workplace alignment, workplace collaboration, change management and workplace innovation.

The retreat was crowned with a fun and games team-building activity where the group was split into opposing teams. This tested the team’s ability to work together, follow instructions, and finding innovative solutions to the challenges posed using well-thought-out creative challenges.

QSS Group Team Building Activity

QSS Group Management Team