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First Aid (BLSDFA) Basic Life Support & Defibrillator use

  • Recognise an emergency, activate the EMS and provide early Basic Life Support to adult victims with life threatening injuries, use of an AED
  • Knowledge and skills needed to provide first aid to Adults in non – immediately life threatening situations

CERTIFICATION: BLSD/First Aid provider certificate (TASC)

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Introduction to health and safety at Work

  • Introducing delegates to the study of workplace occupational health and safety. Delegates will learn safe work practices in offices, industry and construction as well as how to identify and correct or correct workplace health and safety issues.

CERTIFICATION: Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety at Work Certificate (TASC)

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Scaffold Erector

Learn Safe erection and dismantle of scaffoldls as per the SANS 10085 standard

CERTIFICATION: Scaffold erector certificate (TASC/NOSHC-South Africa)

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Scaffold Inspector

Inspection of scaffolding to ensure compliance with specifications based on the SANS 10085 standard

CERTIFICATION:Scaffold erector certificate (TASC/NOSHC-South Africa)

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Fire Safety Awareness

Knowledge of responsibilities for fire safety, Identify and report on fire hazards, Assess workplace fire risks, Evacuate effectively in an emergency, Select and use appropriate fire fighting equipment

CERTIFICATION: Basic Fire Safety Certificate (TASC)

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